Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver was officially released in English on 14-03-10. It is the remake of the games Gold and Silver respectively and has many new features. A major problem that has been noticed is that the game (when played on a PC) freezes when Prof.Oak finishes his speech. However I fixed this problem with this simple trick and it has been very effective. There might be rare freezes during the gameplay so I advise you to save the game often.

This is a not-so-very-simple trick but the requirements are as follows,
1)a computer
2)a heartgold/soulsilver rom. (I don’t know if this works for the Japanese and European version)
3)an encryptds advanced. (if you are wondering what this is then it is a software used for encrypting an nds rom. You can download it from the following link-http://download710.mediafire.com/1momxrrzmbtg/twxk2qhzwnz/pokefix2.rar)
4)a fresh version of No$GBA 2.6a(you might want to have a separate emulator for this game ie-don’t play any other game in this emulator)


1)first create a new folder anywhere (I suggest the desktop)
2)copy-paste all the items in the encryptds(the folder name will be pokefix and you need all the files in it)
3)copy-paste the emulator to this newly created folder.
4)copy the rom to the folder named “encrypt” (it will be there in the pokefix folder)
in the new folder.
5)run the encryptds program and press 1 (not to be confused with F1)
6)if all goes well your rom will be patched and when you play it in the emulator you pasted in the new folder, the game will continue to run normally even after Prof.Oak’s speech.

In case if this doesn’t work try checking if there are the required files for the proper function of the emulator (like BIOSNDS9.ROM,NO$GBA.INP,BIOSNDS7.ROM.firmware etc)